Timely Registration :     report within 48 hours  to  the Municipal Health Officer and register within 30 days  from the time of death
Place of Registration:    at the LCR Office of the city/municipality where event occurred
Person Responsible:     attendant at death, or administrator of hospital or clinic, or nearest relative

1. Submit  four (4) copies of Death Certificate signed by physician who last attended the deceased, or Municipal Health Office if died without medical attendance, embalmer, and informant;
2. Copy of the registered death certificate will be issued within 20 minutes
Late Registration:  (after 30 days )
1. Submit the following documents:
• PSA (NSO) certificate of no record of death
• Two (2) or more documentary evidence such as: Certificate of Burial, cremation, or other means of corpse disposal, Funeral Service Certification, Barangay Captain Certification.
•    Joint Affidavit of two nearest relative who might have known/witness the death of the person
2. Submit 4 copies of Death Certificate (Mun. Form 103) signed by physican who last attended the deceased, embalmer, and informant;
3. Approval (review by) for registration must be signed by the Municipal Health Officer;
4. Registrant must sign the Affidavit for late registration at the back of the death certificate;

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